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Product name:HYY-C moon cake production line

Update time:2018-8-29 17:19:44

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HYY-B type moon cake automatic production line consists of multi-function stuffing machine, moon cake forming machine and automatic tray machine. The finished product conveys stepping motion and the speed is adjustable, which is convenient for manual extraction or matching of moon cake shape. The operating system adopts PLC and touch screen, the speed is steplessly adjustable, and the memory function makes the equipment easy to learn and understand; moon cake forming machine, automatic The disc machine adopts pneumatic and stepping motor as power, photoelectric detection and PLC control, and the structure is simple and reasonable, and the degree of automation is high. The whole unit is equipped with Japanese structural kits, German SIKE photoelectric, Taiwan drive motor, Danish inverter, Italian SAMPLA conveyor belt, and high-quality stainless steel in contact with food to ensure stable, reliable and hygienic production. The production line is mainly used for the operation of moon cake line. The filling machine can adapt to different filling materials, such as soft glutinous rice stuffing, lotus seed filling, bean paste filling, fruit filling, etc. The product filling and skin ratio can be adjusted freely. The moon cake forming machine can flexibly change the size and pattern of different molds to make various moon cakes. According to the needs of customers, we can change the components to produce different products, namely, Cantonese moon cake, pumpkin cake, Mashu wife cake, crystal fruit, fish ball, Fuzhou pill, pineapple cake and other stuffing products. It is an ideal utility food stuffing unit for all kinds of pastry products. It can improve your product grade, corporate reputation and good economic benefits.







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