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Product name:HYS-X shortbread production line

Update time:2018-8-29 17:15:42

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HYS-X wafer and crisp cake forming unit consists of main equipment, kneading machine, filling machine, flattening machine, imitation manual cake machine, automatic tray machine, automatic crisping unit and other supporting equipment. The whole unit is equipped with international famous brands such as Japanese structural tools, German SIKE photoelectric, Taiwan drive motor, Taiwan inverter, Italian SAMPLA conveyor belt. High-quality stainless steel is used in the contact with food to ensure smooth, reliable and hygienic production. Applicable to large and medium-sized pastry manufacturers, the production of short-selling cakes of different regions is mainly used for Jinhua Shortbread, Jinhua Biscuits, Huangshan Biscuits, Pancakes, Sesame Cake Machine, Sun Cake Machine, Sesame Tablets, etc.




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