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Product name:HYD-86 knife cutting head forming machine

Update time:2018-8-29 17:42:42

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This machine is an ideal equipment for the production of pasta such as knives, knives, and French bread. Imitation hand-made, using pressing process, does not damage gluten, high gluten, good taste and beautiful appearance. The main electrical components are made of international famous brand products with stable performance. The thickness of the belt, the shape and the size of the cutting section are all adjustable, and the operation is convenient.

1. The pressing process is used to make the dough more shiny, the finished surface is extremely bright and the appearance is beautiful. The pressing process is more stable and does not damage the gluten and taste. With the roll skin process, the finished product has a strong layering. The thickness of the belt, the shape and the size of the cutting section are all adjustable, and the operation is convenient.

2. According to the dynamic science design of the process technology of the pastry, to ensure the density of the product, the uniformity and fineness of the product pores are ensured, the gluten is high, the water holding capacity is excellent, and the surface of the product is bright and delicate, and the taste is smooth, far exceeding the manual. Made products.

3, product diversification, can produce a variety of knife cut steamed bread, Hanamaki, onion oil rolls, pepper rolls, bread and so on.

4. The main parts are made of stainless steel. The original electrical parts are made of international famous brand products, which are beautiful in appearance and meet the national food hygiene standards.

5. This machine adopts high quality digital control and humanized control panel, which is accurate and reliable. 5 minutes to operate freely.

6, the degree of automation is high, the quantitative is accurate, so that the size of the product is uniform, the thickness of the skull head, the shape of the cut, the size of the cut section, can be adjusted at will, one person, two people can operate.

7. Reasonable structure, easy disassembly and assembly, easy to clean.

8, the machine does not require high quality flour, and is suitable for a variety of workplaces.

9, work efficiency is equivalent to 12 to 18 workers at the same time hand-made steamed bread, real low investment, high efficiency, saving investment.

Shantou production: 1000-12000 / hour

Steamed bread weight: 10-150 g / piece (special specifications can be customized according to user requirements)

Voltage: 220V

Power: 3.2KW

Dimensions: 5500*700*1500mm

Weight: 550KG

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