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Product name:HYY-D moon cake production line

Update time:2018-8-29 17:20:36

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The multi-functional double-filling automatic filling machine adopts double-twisted dragon to convey raw materials, and adopts secondary transmission design. The raw material conveying speed is uniform, the oil is quickly returned after baking, the color is bright, and the taste is good, like manual packaging. User-friendly operating system, easy to understand, can adjust the proportion of leather stuffing, and quantitative accuracy; convenient and fast; the machine structure is compact and reasonable, high degree of automation, easy to disassemble and clean. The filling machine can adapt to different fillings, such as five-stuff filling (the whole peanut, the nuts, the rock sugar is not destroyed), the lotus filling, the bean paste, the fruit filling, the fresh meat stuffing, the ham stuffing, the sesame sugar filling, etc. It is made into a liquid type (cookies such as jam and chocolate.)




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